This Woman Has 7 Newborn BabiesBut Theres A Big Catch

Stephanie recently visited the set of “The Doctors” to show off her seven beautiful babies. But there’s a catch… her babies are dolls. Very, very realistic baby dolls.

Ever since she was a little girl, Stephanie has loved dolls. She started a collection at an early age, but four years ago she began makingher own versions. Her dolls are so lifelike that people often mistake them for real babies. And she must be doing something right, because she has50,000 subscribers who tune in to follow Stephanie as she changes theirdiapers, feeds them and takes them out in public as if they’re actually realchildren.It should also be noted that Stephanie has a 13-year-old daughter who has had to come to terms with her mom’s business.

Before you judge too quickly, you may be surprised to learn just how lucrative doll-making is for Stephanie. “I was laid off from my job and I actually make more money than I did at a very successful job,” she says. Some say Stephanie is an incredibly talented artist with a harmless passion for doll-making, while others think it’s an unhealthy hobby that signifies a deeper psychological issue.

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